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"… a first-rate, suspenseful science fiction thriller" -

Systems Five Star Review at


Libredux Publishing, UK

978-0-9571416-0-5 (pbk)

978-0-9571416-1-2 (ebook)

Book Data:
paperback & ebook
6 x 9 inches
354 pages

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Praise for Systems

Systems [can be compared to] to Phillip K. Dick's VALIS and Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land. ... Readers want a story with something new and different, but also believable. They want big themes but believable characters. Karim's novel has these all. ... But the best compliment I can give is that when I finished it, I found myself wishing there were a sequel!
- Dr. Benjamin Zeller, scholar of science fiction and religion, USA


So Orwellian, minus the Orwellian dead ends.
- Khurram Ali Shafique, award-winning author and historian, UK


Saleena Karim has created a first-rate, suspenseful science fiction thriller that will keep readers on the edge of their seats ... Brave people, risking their lives, take a stand against those in power.
- Alice D. for Readers Favorite (rated five stars)


Saleena has created a well-crafted suspense/thriller. ... the themes of justice and liberty, as well as the complexities of conspiracy theory, [were] thought-provoking. The paranormal aspects, the psychic abilities, were artfully woven into the story line and were an essential focus. This novel was a page-turner, `stay up late to read' story for me.
- Jodine Turner, award-winning visionary fiction author


It's X-Files from the other side ... You'll find many twists and turns ... as well as intriguing characters that will draw you right into their world.
- Eleni Papanou, visionary fiction author and graphic artist


An exquisitely penned psychological thriller ... Do any of us really know who is who in our deepest of hearts in this world of uncertainty? Including your friends, your family members, acquaintances and your neighbors? Do we really ever know WHO to trust especially factoring in the power of the government (of any country) and what lengths they will go to control their people? This topic has been one of many a novel - but not written in the same league as it is in Systems! ... The choices and sacrifices made by [the characters] are powerful and will stay with the reader forever. I hope.
- Lori Michaelson, USA


Systems will become a cult classic! [The Original Conspiracy was] such an accurate description of our society ... Scientia est potentia!
- Dale Barr, UK


Silver Medal Winner, 2013 Next Generation Indie Book Awards
Silver Medal Winner, 2013 Next Generation Indie Book Awards

A Novel
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